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Social Good Jarous Inspires People and Businesses to Give Back to Local Communities

The Top #1 goal-setting app and fundraising platform ties personal improvement to social giving for better communities

What if every time you do something good for yourself you could also help your community? Today, Jarous, a new goal-setting platform that fosters the economy and environment of social giving, makes it possible for individuals to give back to their community every time he or she does something good for him or herself. Jarous is available for free in the Apple App store. Jarous is the place to support and organize campaigns that use fundraising to solve some of the toughest issues facing San Francisco. Anyone can build their presence through the causes they care about, then connect with other passionate friends, leaders within the community so they can work together and affect change.

To learn more about current campaigns, donate or start your own campaign download the Jarous app in the Apple App Store.

75 % of Jarous Users Prefer Incremental Giving.
Jarous conducted a private beta which included campaigns ranging from helping homeless families to victims of natural disasters. One campaign helped a woman with terminal cancer realize her dream to visit Alaska. Seventy five percent of the participants in the beta said they preferred giving incrementally versus once a year.

Here’s how Jarous works to foster the economy and environment for social giving:

Choose an activity or habit to improve and reach your goals.
The idea is simple: Make change to give change. Identify a habit or ritual you’d like to improve. It could be anything from cooking more meals at home, to limiting screen time, to riding your bike to work instead of taking your car, to ordering a smaller cup of coffee. The app comes pre-populated with some habit-changing ideas, but fans are free to add their own. With each activity, a set amount of money can be added into your Jarous Jar on the app and linked to your bank or credit card account via Stripe. There are virtually no minimums or maximums to give. Each completed activity is logged and tracked in the app. The user is rewarded by watching their Jarous jar fill up with every successful activity. You can also invite friends and family to your Jarous Jar for support to cheer you on as you work towards your goals.

Activities are a meaningful and fun way to attach a monetary value to an activity you wish to accomplish or change. Activities aim to provide Jarous users with a way to incentivize themselves for improving their lives with actions, small or big. While accomplishing their goals, Jarous fans will see the amounts that can be accumulated and given to their cause. Jarous users are also encouraged to reflect on the impact their efforts are making to themselves and the community with a feature called “Reflection Time.” Reflections are recorded to show the correlation your personal improvement and altruism.

Connect with a Local Cause, Campaign or Event.
Jarous users can select from a multitude of local causes, campaigns and events within the community to which they would like to donate from their Jarous Jar or through Lightning Give. Whether it’s a school looking to provide supplies for classes or the foundation helping to provide shelter and resources for the homeless or even a nonprofit supporting cancer research, Jarous creates a level playing field for anyone who wants to try and make a positive impact. Just as you can see improvements in yourself, you can see firsthand the dollars you donated benefiting the causes that mean the most to you in the community.

100% of Proceeds and Donations Go to Support the Causes.
Unlike other platforms that take a certain percentage and process a transaction fee from donors, all proceeds raised go directly to the causes selected. Should a Jarous user like to to support the platform, they can do so by selecting an amount to tip. Tipping is entirely voluntary and not required to join or participate.

Starting A Free Trial Fundraising Event on Jarous.
Anyone can start a fundraising event. All that’s needed is a brief description of your event or cause, the start and end date for your campaign, a financial goal and an image. All the funds raised go to the cause – even if the goal is not met.

Jarous Benefits Enterprises, Charities and Organizations too.
Jarous also aims to help organizations, businesses and charities manage their existing fundraising events, increase engagement with existing donors, attract new audiences all from a free, simple to use dashboard. The Jarous dashboard is mobile-first and integrates seamlessly with existing systems and processes so nothing is interrupted. Jarous guarantees a minimum good faith donation of $2.00 for every event a Jarous community member joins on the platform. Jarous offers a free trial to any enterprise, charity or organization to manage up to two events the first time they sign up for the platform.

Get Sponsored for Doing Good.
As an additional incentive brands and businesses can leverage the Jarous platform to sponsor both personal goal activities or campaigns to provide even more incentive or financial reward. Through this model, a local gym could choose to support an individual’s personal goal to lose weight or a bike share service could sponsor someone’s goal to ride their bike to work with access to a free bike. The possibilities for sponsorship are endless and another way Jarous seeks foster the economy of social giving for better communities.

New Social Fundraising Approach To Increase Local Community Economy & Involvements.
Jarous is founded by native San Franciscans Tom and Jack Quach, with support from Charlene, William, and Kate who are passionate about enhancing the lives of their fellow San Franciscans with a bottom to top approach to philanthropy that is people first. With so many people feeling overwhelmed and powerless to address the many challenges facing ‘The City’ today, Jarous takes a people-first approach to try and do something about it.

 Jarous will roll out to additional communities throughout 2022. Fundraisers, nonprofits and other organizations looking to bring Jarous to their community can visit www.jarous.com for more information.

About Jarous
Jarous provides people with the platform and tools that can help make our communities better. The app is available to download for free in the Apple iTunes App Store. The company is self-funded and headquartered in San Francisco, Calif. For the latest news and updates on Jarous follow @jarousapp on Instagram , Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn.

Media Contact: press@jarous.com

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