Giving Back Just Got

Easy, Fun & Meaningful

Jarous is a Jar Filling, Joyous New Platform and App designed to make big changes from daily meaningful actions.


Don't Just Give Change, Make Change.

Jarous is made to change the way we think about giving and the unlimited possibilities that anyone can give to change the world, the community, and ultimately, oneself.

Building connections, families & communities!

Create jars for your


What if you could give back big just by making small sacrifices every day, or however often you’d like to? What if those small sacrifices were like change you put in a jar, and your family, friends and community could add to the jar as well?

What if it were like a game that you can have fun with and cheer each other on in — all while seeing the change add up for worthy causes AND the changes in your life add up for YOU? What if it were all as easy as an app touch that’s with you 24—7?

Whether you have a current campaign or a new drive, Jarous’ Give and Jarous’ Lightning Give present Event Drivers with new opportunities to connect to a wider audience for huge contributions.


What's In Your Jar?